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Okay, let's start this thing again.

I decided to make the old blog private (lels, I feel like it's too outdated now! Imagine me during college, little to no disillusionment nor filter at all. Cringing at the content!) and make a new one. Hopefully this will not make me cringe in the future! Hahaha!

Okay, I'm not really super active in social media. I feel that it's forcing me to share the same information and updates to different people that I have different levels of closeness with. But I can't really unfriend acquaintances, and I can't be bothered to make a damn lot of filters/friend lists. Does that make sense? Laki ng problema, no? I do have Twitter (I feel like it requires less social interaction compared to Facebook), and I'm active in Tumblr. Twitter doesn't force you to share your life (can you possibly, in 140 characters?), and Tumblr is just actually a reblogging site. So why revive Blogger again?

I was reading my old posts in Blogger and realized that the writing platform and audience (the less people who know about it, the better for me. haha!) made me comfortable in writing. I miss writing. Even though reading the older blog content made me cringe so bad it makes my stomach go extra-acidic, at least I wrote. And I wrote consistently. (Because I'm in front of a computer/phone almost all of the time.) And again, I miss writing. So here goes nothing.

I don't have a planned content. So let's just see how this goes! If all else fails, I can delete it again anyway. Hahahaha

Hello, world! What's good? :)